Friday, January 15, 2016

January 11-18, 2016 Menu Plan

                                                              "I have to cook again?"

If you are like me, I dread menu planning. It gets old. Boring. Frankly, I get tired of the same meal over and over again. I will post my weekly menu plan, hoping to encourage you and give you ideas.

Feel free to comment and share what you are cooking.

Spaghetti squash with meatballs
These meatballs from Our Best Bites are amazing. Plus, you will have leftovers for meatball subs.
I served this with steamed broccoli and Italian bread.

Veggie, Hummus, Feta Wraps
I served this with fresh fruit and pasta salad.

Taco's/corn/ chips and salsa
No special recipe for this one. Just your regular taco's.

White Chicken Chili.
Can't. Even. This is from the Lovely Little Kitchen. AMAZING! Not only is it delicious but it's a crock pot meal. If you know me, I use my crock pot 2-3x a week. With our busy schedule it saves me so much time. I always double this recipe. We had another family over for dinner and served this meal and STILL had leftovers. You're welcome.
I served this with tortilla chips. You won't need much. Very filling.

Pizza. Homemade pizza. Frozen pizza. I don't care. It's Friday people. I. Am. Not. Cooking.


Meatball Subs. Leftover from the spaghetti and meatballs.
I served this with salad and chips.

Leftovers!!!!! I always plan a leftover meal. I am sorry if you have a family that does not like leftovers. I just shed a tear for you. Seriously thankful for this meal every week.

Slow Cooker Honey Garlic Chicken and Veggies
Monday's are a crock pot meal for me. I work all day. Come home feed the family and then go back to work. This crock pot meal has it all. Meat. Potatoes. Veggies. Very good meal from Damn Delicious.

Well, that wraps up this weeks menu plan. I hope you like it. Feel free to let me know if you tried any of these recipes.

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